Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Casks and Experimentation: Disorient IPA and Antifreeze

On Saturday DJ and I filled 8 casks: 1 Antifreeze with Oak, 1 Antifreeze with Fuggle, 1 Antifreeze "straight up", 3 Disorient IPA with whole-leaf Citra, and 2 Disorient with Fuggle.  While it might not seem like a lot, I'm almost certain that after manually cleaning, sanitizing, and filling 8 (read: filling casks with chemicals, shaking them like you're having a seizure, while soaking yourself; rise and repeat) you'll have a different outlook on life.

We also put 10 gallons of Antifreeze aside for a little experimentation with bottle-conditioning, Wyeast's Old Ale Blend with Brett, and Oak.  Look for a special Brewers Reserve tasting event next year to try our results.

PS: Thanks to Danielle and Benjamin at Brooklyn Homebrew for their help with the whole-leaf Citra and Old Ale Smack Packs.

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