Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project Hoppiness: Ahtamatic IPA brewdays

With the launch of Project Hoppiness we decided to roll all of our IPAs into the series.  Lest you think that Project Hoppiness signals the death of our much-loved Disorient IPA, we were eager to offer a Disorient(ish) release early in the life of the project.  We just couldn't resist the temptation to experiment though.  There are just too many hop varieties, hop schedules, and mashed-up hopped-out styles we want to try.  With our boosted fermentation capacity, look for new Project Hoppiness releases about every month.

2 new 30bbl fermenters + 3 original 30bbl fermenters = many fresh new local GHBC beers!
Project Hoppiness: Ahtamatic IPA is a bridge between old and new; Disorient IPA with a twist, in the form of bountiful additions of Ahtanum hops.

With a flavor profile somewhere between Cascade and Amarillo hops, we felt that the Ahtanum hop makes a perfect addition to the blend of Centennial and Columbus hops in the original recipe.  Honestly, we also wanted to give the hop a try.  First wort and flavor kettle additions and at least two dry hop additions should allow the Ahtanum hop to shine through strong.

The grist bill of Pale, Caramalt, and Crystal malt is identical to the original.  Similar to Disorient IPA, Project Hoppiness: Ahtamatic IPA will be defined by a bold, yet balanced hoppiness, offset with notes of subtle malt sweetness. 

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