Thursday, February 10, 2011

Havre Rouge Drops Today: Let's go Spring!

While it might not necessarily feel like spring, today marks the release of our early spring seasonal, Havre Rouge, a Belgo-American Amber Ale.

It also kicks-off a temporary Belgian-inspired tangent of sorts for Greenport Habor Brewing Co.  Look for upcoming releases of Project Hoppiness: Belgian IPA in a few weeks, and Carnard Noir (Black Duck Porter fermented with Saison yeast) and a Rye Saison next month.  More about these new releases in future posts.

The recipe for Havre Rouge is simple enough to let the complex spiciness and mild fruitiness of the classic Belgian Abbey yeast shine.  A mix of Pale and Wheat Malts, a bit of Crystal Malt and a touch of Chocolate Malt provide a slightly malty foundation.  While a blend of Continental Tettnang and English Fuggle Hops peak through with just enough aroma.

At 5.4% ABV Havre Rouge is not exactly sessionable, but the Belgian character and dry finish keep you coming back for more.

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