Monday, February 14, 2011

Project Hoppiness: Belgian IPA, coming 2/24

One of the greatest things about Project Hoppiness is the stylistic freedom it affords us.  Inspiration is primary in the beers we choose to craft.
Flaked wheat waiting for a warm bath in the mashtun
Our second selection adds a Belgian twist to an American favorite: enter our Belgian IPA!  In hindsight in makes perfect sense that this is the beer we chose to brew, after brewing the big and hoppy Project Hoppiness: Black IPA and Havre Rouge, with its complex spiciness and mild fruitiness.

A marriage of sorts, hops and Belgian Abbey yeast are the stars of this offering.  Ample additions of Magnum, Golding, and Glacier hops and Belgian yeast character dominate the flavor profile. The floral qualities of the hop varieties meld with the distinctive spicy notes of the yeast, adding a complexity not often seen in your standard IPA, and a hoppiness that many hopheads miss in the Belgian classics. 
First wort hops and the first runnings meet for the first time
A blend of North American Pilsner, Wheat, and Caramel Vienna Malts and a bit of un-malted Wheat, provide a smooth foundation for the yeast and hops. 

Look for Project Hoppiness: Belgian IPA, starting on Feb 24, 2011.

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